Why should anyone care about a good anime?

Well, first of all, we can’t talk about all the anime out there-there are lots of very good anime, but, of course, there’s a downside to everything. The good ones, though, bring out so many amazing traits that you won’t find in many western cartoons.

A good anime expresses emotion.

[Image] Good anime uses detailed facial expressions.

A good anime will use detailed facial expressions.

And it already starts with the story itself and the way it’s told. Take a look at Naruto, for example, or even shorter ones, like AnoHana, Death Note or Clannad. The way the story is told makes you feel like you’re reliving everything on your own – the amount of depth they put into every single character is just incredible, and even though some people might find it to be a little too much, the emotions and expressions play a huge role in anime. What would Naruto be without his traumatic past as an outsider and loner? Who would Tomoko from WataMote be without her extreme anxiety and longing of becoming part of a group? It may all be exaggerated, but let’s be real: who would even watch anime if it were just…normal? Of course, you can find exaggerations in every cartoon – I’m just saying that anime does that in a different way. It’s not about extreme superpowers or imaginary universes, but more about intense feelings and in-depth characteristics. And I believe the producers do a great job when presenting the story with amazing visuals and beautiful soundtracks. You’ll know what I mean when you watch a good anime!

The animation can be beautiful.

Another point I just have to mention is the action scenes and how they combine it with the first point I mentioned. Great animation and awesome sound effects aren’t the only things that make battles in anime good. But when a character grows to your heart like they’re your best friend, there’s nothing else you can do but getting thousands of goosebumps and shedding countless tears when you watch them die in a fight. I can’t name you one cartoon from a different country where this happened to me, but I can name dozens of good anime where I felt like this. And that’s actually what makes an anime so memorable.

Anyone can find an anime they like.

I know that there are many people, who dislike anime because they either don’t like the art style or they find some characters too immature or exaggerated, but let me tell you this: there are literally thousands of good anime out there and tons of different subgenres and storylines and characters etc. I’m almost 100% sure that there is at least one anime out there you’ll like! Most people who say they don’t like anime probably haven’t really searched for a good anime for them to watch. Why do so many people care about it after all? Because anime reaches an incredibly wide audience. There’s something for everybody!

So, even though you might have already tried anime out once, I encourage you to search for a different one this time – and, who knows, maybe this time it’s a fit for you!




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